2014 Campaign


November 2014

Dear Supporters, Donors and Fellow Citizens:

Thank you for standing with us to improve our congressional leadership. Your support helped us convince 62,280 American citizens in the California 48th Congressional District to vote with us. Our intern calculates that is a full Dodger Stadium with almost seven thousand more people in the parking lot! That is more votes than many other winning races received. I am truly awed.

While we did not prevail this time, we are all winners for defending our values and striving to give our country the best leadership possible.

 My deepest appreciation,




OC Register Says She's Running Against All Odds

SueOCReg.jpgSuzanne Joyce Savary’s run for Congress began a year ago with something she read in the newspaper. An unidentified group commissioned a poll suggesting voters were weary of longtime Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and that they might be open to new representation. Savary, a 67-year-old retired business consultant and professor, decided to take aim at Rohrabacher.

Savary’s great uncle, a former chief justice of the New York State Supreme Court, fought organized crime in the ’30s and ’40s. Her father fought with the Third Marine Division in Iwo Jima. Her uncle helped Bobby Kennedy write the RICO laws that toppled modern organized crime. 

So she wasn’t worried about an uphill battle.

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Video at  National Federation of Independent Businesses Forum

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