Raleigh, NC

January 14, 2014


The Mission of the AAC-NCDP is to promote political participation and education within the African American Community, encourage African Americans to seek public office, represent issues and concerns of its membership to the Democratic Party Leadership and to work towards strengthening the Democratic Party.

The purpose and objectives of the AAC-NCDP shall be to seek full representation of African Americans at all levels and in all activities of the Democratic Party. This shall include, but not be limited to the following objectives:

1. To support the Democratic Principles, Goals and Objectives at all levels of the Party.

2. To increase the visibility and influence of African Americans in the Democratic Party.

3. To ensure that issues of concern to the African American Community are made known to the Democratic Party and the Party's position on these issues are communicated to the AAC-NCDP Membership.

4. To take appropriate public stands on issues relevant to the African American Community.