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Jun 24, 2014

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March 16, 2014

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Vote Darin Kenley for the Prince George's County School Board District 6

A son of Prince George’s County, Darin Kenley is a product of the Prince George's Public School system and was raised and nurtured by this community for almost four decades. With the support of passionate and caring teachers, one of whom recommended testing for a learning disability in the second grade; Darin went on to graduate from Friendly Senior High School, Colgate University and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Early detection of his dyslexia changed the trajectory of his education. While having dyslexia made it more challenging to learn, his teachers, mother and coaches had the highest expectations for his academic success. It was this collective belief, support and focus on his success that instilled in him a deep sense of pride and value for his community and the importance of education. It became the catalyst for his commitment to support the education, growth and development of all youth, regardless of their ability or socioeconomic status.

Inspired by the teachers that were so valuable in his development, Mr. Kenley served as an elementary and middle school teacher and that experience has served as the foundation for an 18 year career committed to the field of education and youth development.

He is seeking your support to leverage his education and experiences to serve the students and families of Prince George's County as the next school board member of District 6.

Please support our campaign to PUT OUR CHILDREN FIRST!!

April 5, 2014

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Saturday Session at Mentoring to Manhood

Critical that we teach and mentor our young boys to be men.

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