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Jun 24, 2014

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February 26, 2014

Gun Control

Legislation does not control guns, people control guns.  I favor responsible ownership.  The Sandy Hook shootings were committed by a madman who stole his mother's firearms to perpetrate an unthinkable crime. No rule, law, order or control measure would have stopped that. No one could have reasonably anticipated such a heinous act. The Obama Administration's inadequate response was as predictable as it is ineffective.

  • I fully support sportsmens' rights to own and use long guns and pistols in hunting and competition shooting. I have experience in competitive shooting and, like Ronald Reagan, I favor responsible gun ownership. I firmly believe that gun control starts in the home with safe handling and proper, secure storage. Any law we pass on Capitol Hill to try to control firearms is unlikely to have any genuine impact on crime, but will certainly interfere with citizens' right to bear arms guaranteed by the Constitution. 
  • Some of my opponents favor HR 2959, a bill which would make concealed carry permits reciprocal between neighboring states. I doubt whether this is a sound idea or a safe practice, and I do not support concealed carry reciprocity; it is too risky and unmanageable, and provides no assurance of due diligence by our sister states. We just can't afford to have any odd characters get firearms in other states and import them into Maryland in concealment.
  • I do support HR 3590, the Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE), which has passed the House and gone on to the Senate: if ratified, it will provide for hunting, fishing and competitive shooting firearms use in wilderness areas, which I support.