Primary Election

Jun 24, 2014

70days until next election

February 26, 2014

DoD in the 5th District

We need our military bases and Federal funding in Maryland; Pax River and Joint Base Andrews are our biggest employers: I will fight to keep our Federal service bases open and to continue this vital mission funding.

Even now the current administration is moving to reduce and restructure America's fighting forces to the lowest level in 75 years, since before WW II: this is a terrible mistake and will make our Nation vulnerable to a resurgent terrorist threat and weaken our efforts to bring democracy to a desperately poor and violent world. I support a strong and viable military!

- The President wants to sacrifice our national readiness and defense. This Administration has progressively worked to transform America into a Socialist state: first was mandatory health insurance; then; "I ask only that everyone pay just a little bit more"; and now a massive drawdown, all of which spells out an American Tragedy if his agenda continues unchecked. We are in an American Crisis greater than any since Thomas Paine wrote 'Common Sense' during the American Revolution. Truly; "These are the times that try men's souls."

I will vote to support viable military readiness in our Nation and community.