Primary Election

May 06, 2014

21days until next election

March 29, 2014

Lacks Development

Developers are asking the Board of County Commissioners for permission to build two (2) or three (3) more Wal-Mart Stores on the Winterville side of the Tar River.  If this happens, residents living north of the Tar River must drive farther to get the goods and services we need for our families that are offered by this business.  This lowers area residents' household dollars and decreases the amount of money families have for living.  The light bills are high and many receive utility service from Edgecombe County electric company.    Developers buy land and recruit business and ask the county fathers to support their one-sided efforts in developing this county.  If the county commissioners supports this presentation, it will portray a lack of respect for residents living on the north side of the Tar River.  Development brings economic growth and jobs to a community.   When will we get better development?  Time for new ideas and new representatives!


Vote for Mary Perkins Williams

April 24 thru May 3 ~~ Election Day May 6, 2014