Primary Election

Jun 03, 2014

49days until next election

February 26, 2014


There is a perception in Monterey County that Narcotics crimes are down. This perception is fostered by lack of media coverage of Narcotic Crimes. While this may give the false impression that Narcotics Crimes are no longer at issue, all associated drug crimes, (burglary, robbery, auto theft, domestic violence) have all risen over the past 3 years. (According to the UCR crime reporting stats 2010-2012 Monterey County Sheriff). This rise in narcotic related crimes tells me that there are still narcotic based problems in our community.

Illegal drug use and sales are still at an unacceptable level. As your Sheriff, I would increase the focus on the Narcotics unit. My mission for the Narcotics Unit is to actively and aggressively pursue drug traffickers by utilizing all legal means and resources available on local, state and federal levels. This is essential for our neighborhoods to feel free from the fear of crime. I also want to promote anti-drug educational programs for civic organizations and our local schools.