Rohrabacher on Climate Change

“Just so you know global warming is a total fraud and it is being designed by -- what you've got is you've got liberals who get elected….And at the federal government, they want to create global government to control all of our lives." (Huffington Post and MSNBC, Aug. 12, 2013)

 “Dinosaur flatulence might be the cause behind global warming.” (House hearing Feb 2, 2007)

 “…clear-cutting the world’s rain forests might eliminate…climate change.” (To reduce CO2)… clear cut the Amazon.” (Congressional hearing and Politico, May 25, 2011), CBS Money Watch, June 2011)

 “… this propaganda campaign is to enlist public support for, … dramatic mandated change of our society, and to our way of life…. This campaign has such momentum and power that it is now a tangible threat to our freedom, and to our prosperity as a people.  The scientific theory, on which the alarmists base their crusade, is totally bogus. …the much touted melting in the ice caps has now reversed itself the last few years… (Remarks on House Floor Dec. 8, 2011)

“…about nine years ago, even as more CO2 was being pumped into the air, the earth quit warming and now may be in a cooling cycle. That’s right, there hasn’t been any net warming since 1998; the polar bears are not becoming extinct…the rest of the polar bear populations are expanding."  (Remarks on House Floor Mar.18, 2009 and Dec. 8, 2011) In the Antarctic where the penguins are, there is a buildup of ice. (Remarks on House Floor Mar 18, 2009)

 “…Climate Change is a total fraud by liberals.” (Comments to House Committee on Science Space and Technology Aug. 13, 2013)

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