Debate Closing Statements


Is this who we want representing us in Congress?  Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is now the chief defender of Donald Trump in Congress as posted in several news stories from the New York Times to the OC Register on Monday, October 10, 2016...


We have an alternative to bring unity to the Moderate Republicans and Democrats in the South OC Coastal 48th Congressional District...


Click Here to watch Rohrabacher VS Sue Savary 5 Minute Closing Video Here and learn why Dana must go!

48th Congressional District Debate 10-03-16 Rohrabacher VS Savary

Congressman Rohrabacher chose to use his closing statement to attack Hillary Clinton, praise Donald Trump while telling us nothing about why we should re-elect him for a 28th year in Congress. 

Dr. Sue Savary closes the night with an overwhelming applause as she speaks to 7 specific issues facing our Coastal OC district and what she would do to bring real change to congress by uniting moderate Republicans and Democrats to fight for us.  Vote Savary for Congress!  #PurpleIsTheNewRed

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