GOTV 2016

Please join our Campaign and Volunteer to make Virtual phone bank calls to registered voters in the 48th district to help Get Out the Vote for Dr. Sue Savary for Congress...

WE NEED YOU!  Virtual Phone Banking is an easy and effective way to help spread the word and make an impact on your own time frame. 

Please sign up for one of the GOTV Kick-Off conference calls and hear directly from our Candidate on how you can help make a difference in this campaign.

We are hosting several live 30-minute Web Training Conferences that you can log into to get started!  We have a target to contact 35k voters in the next few weeks. 

If you can’t attend one of these Kick-Off conference calls, email Brenda Merrill at to get log in access and PDF instructions to start making Virtual Phone Bank calls on your own schedule.

Thanks for your support!

No virtual phone banks yet.

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