As a business owner and parent, Sue considers herself both business-friendly AND family-friendly. Sue believes that our 48th Congressional District deserves a leader who will work with others to solve problems and generate solutions, rather than choosing a win-lose obstructionism. She pledges to work tirelessly and bring the FIVE E's.

  • ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION OF the middle class and small business,
  • EMPOWERING WOMEN AND FAMILIES to achieve their best lives,
  • EDUCATIONAL ACCESS to maintain our economic competitiveness,
  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY for clean air, water and soil.
  • EMBRACE THE FUTURE AND CHANGE by bringing responsible leadership back to DC and the O C.

Dr Suzanne Joyce Savary is a retired Associate Professor of Management Communication from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. She has been CEO of her own Management Consulting Firm, specializing in turnarounds for companies paralyzed by resistance to change. Sue is the founder and President of the Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club, was selected by the City Council to be a member of the 2012 Newport Beach Charter Commission, and organized the OC Women’s Coalition to protect women’s rights from threat by the merger of Hoag and St. Josephs Hospitals. Sue has long served the community on numerous non-profit boards and organizations.

Sue did far better than expected in her 2014 campaign against a long-term incumbent in a low turnout race. She has every expectation of winning in 2016 with the same coalition of moderates from both parties, women, minorities and youth that won in the 48th District in 2008. She pledges to reverse the anti-family, anti-women, anti-social security and medicare, anti-minority, anti-small business, anti-middle class, anti-student, anti-progress, anti-infrastructure and stunningly anti-environmental policies of her predecessor.

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