Failed Leadership

Dana Rohrabacher is currently the longest serving Republican member of the California delegation in the House of Representatives.  Despite his obvious longevity, he has never been a part of the leadership.  He has never been appointed as a full committee chairman.  In 27 years, he has sponsored 305 bills, three of which made it into law - all NASA related. He does not seem to respect his office, as he voted to close down the government and refused to raise the debt ceiling, threatening the full faith and credit of the United States.   During the shutdown, he continued to collect his pay while other federal employees were furloughed.  (L A Times 10/7/2013) His 2016 Legislative Effectiveness Score was 214 out of 240 Republicans in the house causing the OC Register to term him the "worst OC Legislator'"

Social Security and Medicare

Dana Rohrabacher favors privatization of Medicare with “premium support” (vouchers).  He has voted each year for Paul Ryan Budget which would raise the retirement age, cut benefits, and institute chain CPI which decreases benefits over time. (A chained cost-price index or CPI calculates a lower cost price adjustment to benefits each year.)

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Rohrabacher has voted scores of times to repeal, defund, postpone or otherwise alter the Affordable Care Act.  He has said access to affordable health care "... will make people addicted to socialism." He is against any funding for contraception.  The American Public Health Association rated him at zero in 2010.

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Women's Issues

Dana Rohrabacher is not supportive of women and family issues.  He is not supportive of a woman’s right to make her own medical health decisions without government interference. He voted against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for women (June 2009).  He is against the Affordable Care Act which no longer allows insurance companies to discriminate against women in setting health insurance premiums.

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Dana Rohrabacher does not support a pathway to citizenship and has not supported a pathway to citizenship.   He supports an Amendment to the United States Constitution which would remove birthright citizenship.  He supported California’s Proposition 187 which would have denied benefits to “illegals” including health care and education.

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The Environment

Dana Rohrabacher is not a supporter of regulations to protect the environment.  He has supported opening National Forests to logging and limiting the habitat for endangered species. Rohrabacher calls global warming a “total fraud designed by liberals who want to create a global government” (The Los Angeles Times 5/10/2014).  He is rated zero by the League of Conservation voters in 2010 for his poor support of environmental issues.

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Dana Rohrabacher is not a proponent of renewable energy.  He is an advocate of offshore leasing/drilling, ending the moratorium on deep water rigs and expediting offshore drilling permits. The catastrophic Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf off of Louisiana in April 2010 has apparently not changed his view. He’s a climate change denier who is in favor of exploiting coal reserves.   

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Dana Rohrabacher does not favor government action to stimulate the economy in severe recessions.  He voted against George Bush's bailout package in 2008, and voted against the congressional stimulus package of 2009. He states “you cannot spend your way out of a recession.”  He voted against funding the Consumer Protection Bureau and the Commodities Future Board (Nov 2013) 

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