The Five "E's" - What we will fight for....


The 5 E’s  

Sue Savary is focused on fighting to achieve the five following goals:

  1. Economic Revitalization:   Grow the middle class and expand opportunities for working families. Fight for the job creators: small and mid-size businesses to re-energize the economic engine that "raises all ships". Watch America is Broken Video with Sue.
  2. Empowering Women and Families:  Fight for women’s access to reproductive health, tolerance, and pay equality. Support and protect families of all kinds as the cornerstone of our society.
  3. Educational Access:  Expand early childhood education, protect and enhance public education, support teachers and make public college affordable to all.  Help refinance and manage student debt.
  4. Environmental Responsibility:  Invest in clean energy infrastructure and lead the international community in advancing climate change solutions. Support 48th District Goals to repair crumbling sea walls, safety of nuclear waste from San Onofre and collaborate on desalination development and environmental concerns to create drought amelioration solutions.
  5. Embracing Change and Leadership for the Future:  Restore responsive leadership to Congress.  Use her skills as a turnaround expert and the  tools of collaborative problem solving to work across party lines to solve our country’s problems. 


Sue's Key Issues 

Leadership:  Restore responsive leadership to Congress and reject shutdown politics and ideological extremism, and Rohrabacher's support for Putin's dangerous Russian regime.  Use the experience and skills acquired as a strategic consultant to businesses of all sizes to advocate forward thinking, problem solving and enhanced communication skills.   Get things done and move forward by utilizing proven collaborative, win-win approaches, not failed zero-sum, obstructionist, win-lose approaches. Utilize Sue's 40 years of teaching and practicing the best leadership techniques to continue to move America forward.


Social Security and Medicare:   Preserve and strengthen both programs.  Advocate controlling the rising price of pharmaceutical drugs and negotiating with drug companies to lower prices.  Fight against funding cuts for Medicare and Social Security.  


Health:  Ensure that guaranteed health care is a right for all.  Support and defend the Affordable Care Act while improving its coverage and reducing insurance costs continually improving it. 


Women and Family Issues:  Fight for pay equity for women who currently earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns.  Assure fair workplace treatment and access to women’s health services without interference from employers.  Support paid family leave and make reasonable quality childcare available to all.  Support nominees to the Supreme Court who support Roe v Wade and the reproductive rights of women. Protect women’s access to reproductive health and freedom of choice. Support tolerance and diversity in families of all kinds.


Immigration:  Enact comprehensive immigration reform to create a pathway to citizenship and keep families together. Support our history as a country of immigrants with a rational legal path to citizenship.


Environment:   Climate change is a scientifically proven urgent threat and a defining challenge of our time.  Support American efforts to lead the international community in solving the challenges of Climate Change through a transition from fossil fuels and support for renewable energy.  Invest in clean, sustainable energy to unleash the full potential of America’s clean energy economy. Protect our pristine environment from crumbling infrastructure, poorly planned development, potential disastrous nuclear waste threats, and lack of thoughtful planning incorporating the input of all stakeholders. Battle to prevent others from suffering the consequences of pollution. Sue's husband's bone marrow cancer was tied by UCLA doctors to a benzene plume under his workplace. Sue will fight for clean air, water, and soil.


Economy:   Work to grow the middle class and expand opportunities for working families to get ahead in our economy and reduce economic inequality. Invest in infrastructure public and private projects to repair our deteriorating system of highways, bridges, railroads and airports and provide good jobs.  Understand that most new jobs in America are created by small and mid-size companies and support their growth. Increase the minimum wage to a living wage and build a stronger middle class which is the market for our economic engine. Provide tax relief for families and small businesses.  Support organized labor and labor-management cooperation to create the high performance environment which leadership research supports. Continue the reduction of the national deficit by growing the the economy. "A rising tide raises all ships."








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